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Air classifying mills or jet mills can be suitable for ultra-fine grinding and when you want to mill your foods to sub-micron levels we can help you with ball mill solutions. And when you are trying to reduce the particle size of a solid in suspension in a liquid, you may benefit from colloid or corundum milling solutions.

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2020-1-10 · The colloid mill is used for various applications such as Superfine grinding, homogenizing, emulsifying, dispersing, mixing and extracting of liquids, ointments and highly viscous products in pharmaceutical, cosmetics, suspensions & emulsion industry.

Colloid Mill : Homogenizing, Pharmaceuticals Machinery ...

2020-2-27 · This is done by applying high levels of hydraulic shear to the process liquid. It is frequently used to increase the stability of suspensions and emulsions. The colloid mill is used for various applications such as Superfine grinding, …


Inkjet. Inkjet refers to a non-contact printing method in which jets are used to apply the printing ink to the print surface in the form of minute drops. The ink is discharged through a piezoelectric or thermal process. In home/small offices as well as in wide and super-wide format printers, the trend is toward the use of water- or solvent ...

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Bead Mill

The Bead Mill is a machine that mixes beads in a cylindrical vessel to crush, break, and disperse tiny particles in a chamber. The propeller of the mill initiates bead motion, which instigates intense shear force and impact on the particles. Moreover, this machine works best for the dispersion and grinding of particles into nanometer sizes within the chamber.

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2022-1-2 · The Pin Mill GSM 250 is a cryogenic grinding system of the highest quality. The milling plant is made of stainless steel. This also applies to the other system periphery such as the cooling screw conveyor, the filter, etc. The mill can be run with air, inert gas (nitrogen) or in cryogenic mode under liquid nitrogen.

Bead Mill, Sand Mill, Multi Mill, Comminuting Mill, Cone Mill

2020-1-10 · Bead Mill / Sand Mill. Super fine grinding & size reduction process. Application & Process : The Bead mill is suitable for all kind of products from low to high viscous pump able products for fine grinding with media. The bead mill/ sand mills are widely used in pint, ink, chemicals, Agro chemical and coating industries for size reduction and dispersing of pigments …

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Charging a Wet Mill – The general operation of a grinding mill is to have the product impacted between the balls as they tumble. Unlike dry milling, wet milling is more straight forward and more forgiving in terms of charging the product. As …

DYNO®-MILL bead mills and grinding beads

The DYNO®-MILL UBM grinding mills can grind with beads from 0.3 to 2.5 mm. Ideal for very fine grinding of large volumes of product. Suitable for grinding in recirculation and in passage mode. Send us an e-mail for more information. or call: +31 172 468046 / +32 15 451500.

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2021-11-29 · The mixer mill MM 500 is a compact, versatile bench-top unit which has been developed specially for dry, wet and cryogenic grinding of up to 2 x 45 ml sample material within seconds. With a maximum frequency of 35 Hz, it generates enough energy to produce particles in the nanometer range.

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The MCD 2000 Corundum Disk Mill is an inline mill for wet milling and grinding of viscous liquid or paste-like products. The mixing chamber consists of two corundum disks, one rotary and one stationary. The corundum disks are available in different grain …

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Bamford''s Grinding Mill - Staffordshire Past Track. Bamfords was founded in Uttoxeter in 1871 by Henry Bamford and made water pumps, taps and agricultural machinery. Joseph Cyril Bamford split off from the Bamford company in 1945 to set up what has become known as JCB - J C Bamford Excavators Ltd. ... A Bamfords ''Rapid'' Grinding Mill.

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The disk agitator shaft activates the grinding media with high intensity through the entire grinding chamber. Highly efficient separation devices adapted to the machine are available for separation of product and grinding media, and this ensures that the mill is reliably operated with high viscous products as well.

Chemical Processing Machines

Bead Mills. This bead mills are batch process machine for size reduction and dispersing of paints, inks, coatings etc. The bead mills are widely used in labs for processing of small daily batches. The bead mill consists of a grinding vessel …

Laboratory deaerator

The MiniVac is a laboratory de-aerator developed by NETZSCH Grinding & Dispersing specifically for flowing materials. This works in accordance with the principle of Vacuum Thin layer Rotation Procedure. There is a removal of micronized gas and air pockets from liquids having variable viscosity and from viscous pastes and masses.

JX Mixing and Dispersing Machine

JX Series Agitator dissolver, can realize solid-liquid phase wetting, mixing, dissolving, stirring and dispersing. The low speed is mainly mixing and homogenization, and the medium and high speed is mainly mixing and dispersing, which can make the material dissolve quickly, and the solid powder depolymerization particles will become smaller, forming a stable and uniform Hybrid.

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Another mill which is perfectly suitable for cryogenic grinding is the Ultra Centrifugal Mill ZM 200 which accepts larger sample volumes than the mixer mills. This high-speed rotor mill even pulverizes some types of elastomeres, such as polystyrene, without cooling.

hammer mill for wet grinding

Solutions range from crushers shredders and granulators to hammer ball and pin mills air classifier or jet mills and corundum mills just to name a few This may be because the complexity of food milling applications varies significantly Corundum disk mill Wet milling and grinding of viscous liquids or pastes containing...

Bead Mill Vs Sand Mill

2019-6-19 · The Bead mill is suitable for all kind of products from low to high viscous pump able products for fine grinding with media. The bead mill/ sand mills are widely used in paint, ink, chemicals, Agro chemical and coating industries for size reduction and dispersing of pigments in liquid, Particle size reduction up to 2.


2021-2-2 · ATTRITOR GRINDING MILLS AND NEW DEVELOPMENTS I. INTRODUCTION AND PRINCIPLES In this presentation we will discuss the principle of the Attritor and its applications. The Attritor is a grinding mill containing internally agitated media. It has been generically referred to as a "stirred ball mill."


The multi-functional laboratory mill LabStar enables scientific academic work even at difficult research and development tasks and convinces by easy handling. The laboratory mill LabStar is the smallest grinding unit of NETZSCH-Feinmahltechnik that enables an exact scale-up to comparable production machines.

Altern Mill – Batch Mills

2021-12-30 · Altern Mill – Batch Mills. The Altern Mill is an environmentally safe, clean closed system that offers reproducible high quality dispersions. Years of technology advancement have resulted in a single unit processor for many …

mill for grinding viscuess liquids

mill for grinding viscuess liquids Mill For Grinding Viscuess Liquids Mill For Grinding Viscuess Liquids. High flow rates. The Visconomic allows high flow rates, even with highly viscous products such as UV offset inks and cosmetics. The unique pin-type process chamber guarantees ef

Fine Grinding with KREIS-BASKET-MILL

The KREIS-BASKET-MILL® is mainly used to grind pigments or fillers in liquids. Target is to destroy the agglomerates ("clusters") and thus, to wrap every single primary particle with a liquid film and for this, high energies and peripheral speeds at the grinding disc are required.

Grinding Circuit Overload

2021-12-30 · My company using ball mill as the second stage of grinding usually experiences high mill mass. we are therefore forced to grind out in order to reduce the mill mass. We also experience excessive overflow of materials/feed entering the ball mill from the feed launder. What could be the causes o

Cone Mill

Cone Mill. Cone mills are suitable for wet or dry feed material and the Bexmill''s gentle grinding action avoids product damage and minimises fines production. The one pass granulation for soft to medium hard flakes in a variety of sizes ensures a short processing time. Our cone mills are custom designed to accommodate a wide variety of ...

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2021-10-31 · A bead mill is used for various applications such as grinding of food materials, metal oxide for glaze, iron oxide for magnetic tape, dispersing barium titanate for MLCC, and titanium oxide for UV care liquids. In recent years, especially this decade, needs for nano particle dispersion have increased largely.

Mixers and dissolvers

Mixers and dissolvers. We produce a range of mixers for mixing paints or coatings in cans or small barrels. For bigger volumes and the production of viscous pastes and fats, we can offer our clients dissolvers, vacuum dissolvers and butterfly dissolvers from other European brands.